Earning money by doing laundry?

Each of our customers immediately gets discounted washing, together with an opportunity to become our partner and start making money.



Revolutionary interconnection

Laundries project is connected to already existing and expanding network of Laundromat kiosks which are being developed and bulit in the whole Middle and East Europe.

Our customer our master and partner.

Thanks to a very sophisticated and elaborated system each of our Laundries members gets a discount immediately.

Supporting active customers.

Help us developing our customers network and start profiting every month.

Higly effective system

mmediately get lots of opportunities, which you can use either as a customer or a partner - start cooperating with us and make up to 1 600 € each month.

Joint the line for free

As our customer or partner you get all the information without paying a single cent. You get in the queue immediately and note that every following customer gets a position after you. In our UniBin system we form so called queue of customers and it really matters when you join.

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Great accesibility

Our services can be bought just for a price starting at 10 €– and you immediately get Laundries credit of 11.15 € to your account that you can use for our sevices. You start making money just by joining us. What you get is a great opportunity.

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